Dream Journal – Beyond the Wall


Several people I know have told me I should share my dreams (since they are many), but I’ve been hesitant. Many are kinda personal, unusual, forgettable, or not worth sharing, but from time to time I have a dream that I can’t let go of. Every detail sticks in my head hours after I dreamt it. Last night I had one of the oddly metaphorical dreams and the more I thought about it and kept trying to figure out what the point was I realized it’s not just one meaning and not just about me. It felt like something I had to share so everybody could be encourage and/or be called. For the broken hearted and the rebels without a cause.

Beyond the Wall-

I had felt like part of my world was cut off from me. There was a giant wall that I had never noticed before and was suddenly stopping me on my journey. It stood tall and thin. Large gray stone bricks fitting perfectly together. I could have left it alone and moved on, but I felt like I had to see what was on the other side of the wall. Something called me to it. I had to know. I tried climbing it. I tried beating at it. I tried digging under it. To no avail were any of my attempts. There was nothing I could do to get past it. When I finally stopped trying and said to myself “If God wants me to see what’s over there he will.” Then suddenly a large puff of wind came and knocked it down. It fell crumbling into ruins. I climbed over the rubble of the once indestructible wall into a baron waste land.

The dirt was gray and dry. So lifeless. Like an empty desert as far I could see. I had wanted so bad to know what was beyond the wall and felt like I was being called forward so I ventured into the deserted landscape of rolling gray hills. Not a sound of birds or insects. It was so quiet, just a low hum of wind across the plain. I pressed onward till I felt like it was pointless. I found myself frustrated. I wanted so bad to know what was beyond that wall. I’d worked so hard to get past it, and this was all there was. I wanted to go back where everything was familiar to me, but as I gave thought to turning around and trying to find my way back (whether or not I could) I felt again like I was being called forward.

“Just a little further” was the voice on the wind. So I pressed on a little further and found a stone structure, a pillar in the center that had water springing from the top down into a pool. Not a drop of the water touch the dry soil under my feet. It was a strange sight in the middle of all the gray dry land. I’m not sure what exactly called me to do what I did next, but it just felt right. I scooped up some of the water in my hands and I let it trickle into the dry dirt. It became mud and then began to grow grass and flowers.

It didn’t stop there, the grass started to expand followed by the flowers. So many colors started to surround me and it didn’t stop spreading. It continued to bring life across the dead landscape. As far as my eyes could see it was greens, yellows, pinks, blues, purples. Everything was teeming with life and vibrancy. It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. The rolling gray hills were filled with so many colors and so much life. Not a patch of gray remained. I’ve never seen anything like it. Then I woke up.


I’ve been thinking about it all day. The empty landscape made plentiful by a few drops of water. This dead landscape that I wanted to run from made so alive. It’s the water of life that can change and heal any heart. It’s God who has this kind of power to take something small and make it expand as far as the eye can see. I feel like there are two meanings, the first a heart that is dry or broken made beautiful and healed from it’s hollow. The Lord restores the broken hearted when we let him. And he can make any heart new. It reminds me that every troubled heart can come to him and we can be washed clean and become teeming with life like the baron waste land to a garden of such color and beauty.

The second meaning is the call to all Christians. It tells me that we as Christians have a mission to seek out this water, to trust God to break down any wall that stands in our way and press on through the troubling world to find this water of life that we know can heal our own hearts, but can also heal the hearts of everyone else. We need to share this life, and we need to be like the helpers in the garden and bring water to the dead world so God can bring it to live.

I want to be made beautiful again, and I want to share that beauty with the world. This is my dream that I share with everyone who no longer wants to be dry like dirt, but wants to be made beautiful and plentiful like we have been made to be by our Lord and Savior.


The Snowball Warrior – Archived Video


There can be only one snowball warrior in a world of snowball fighters.

Made in 2009 with my little brother. The idea was a snowball fight styled like a western gunfight or the Matrix. And my first real attempt at special effects.

Directed, Created, Produced, and Starring
Daniel Elfers
Jackson Elfers

How to Survive a Zombie Holocaust – Archived Video


When the world is taken over by the walking dead you’re going to need to be prepared. This film has been made to help you do so. So if you value your life you’ll watch this film or else you may find yourself being eaten alive…

This was my first official short film. Not that it’s anything great, but it was a great learning experience. It’s a zombie mockumentary that was for the 2008 Colfax High School film festival.

Directed, Written, and Produced by
Daniel Elfers

Daniel Elfers
Jackson Elfers
Levi Ellis
Kurt Moore
Austin Neu
Troy Thompson
Brett Tremblay

Living in Dreams

For those who know me you know I am a dreamer. Not just dreaming of the future when I’m awake, but like clockwork every night when I go to sleep I start dreaming all night long. It feels at times like living in two realities. The real one when I’m awake, and the one in my dreams. Yes, it does get kind of confusing sometimes, but I’m really not crazy. Least not that crazy. Ok, I’m a little crazy, but my dreams aren’t always like living in a horror movie or psycho like (only sometimes). I kid, most of my dreams tend to be based on a grounded reality. Related to things that I am dealing with in a normal life, and hoping for in my future.

As of late my dreams have been very pleasant. So pleasant in fact that real life has been feeling like a drag, and all I’ve wanted to do is go back to sleep so I can live in my second reality. It’s been a struggle every morning dragging myself out of bed. I’m the first to admit the challenge of life, the challenge of just getting up in the morning, but this has been a different ordeal. I’m not really tired. I’m just under so much pressure, and I’d rather just live in my alternate reality of pleasant dreams, but I have pressed on. “Dragged on” might be a better way to phrase it. It feels like the weight of the world on my shoulders when my hopes and dreams seem so far away, but let me tell you about the week I’ve had. I’ve been put in on average 15 hours a day this week. Between work, workouts, and my own projects its a lot. I was ready for the week to be over on Tuesday. I had people coming down on me about my work when I’m doing the best job I can. And I had (still have) so much work to be done. This was not the week to want to be a lazy quitter.

This week I taught a demo for BodyCombat on top of my regular teaching schedule, plus subbing extra classes. Then I’ve done 4 video shoots (2 more to go) for work. Between shooting interviews and getting awesome shots I also participate in the Firefighter Stairclimb charity event at our gym, which I got to help put together and produce video for (video is below if you want to check that out). And next week I’m going on a work trip (ok, maybe it’s only 5 hours away, but still something really cool about being sent out of town for work). It’s like you know you made it somewhere when your job has you traveling on business trips.

It’s amazing what my life has become. To think a few years ago I was going to college still with no clue what I would be when I grew up, and now I’ve decided not to ever grow up, but right now just enjoy the crazy, and learn everything I can in a chaotic awesome job. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, and creative mind. I wanted to make movies since I was in 7th grade when my friends and I attempted to make our first movie (notice the word “attempted”). Now 12 years later I am getting paid to producing video content. This is truly a dream come true. Beyond the video I am also learning so many valuable skills. A year ago I was still working at Pizza Hut, and I thought being a delivery drive was tough. And it was a lot of work, and I did what I always do by giving it everything I got. I had no idea working full time and dealing with people how tough work can be, but it is so worth it now.

While on occasion I am ready to throw in the towel, and just call it all off, I’m not gonna. If I walked away from this opportunity it would be the dumbest move of my life, because I have been called by God to do great things, and right now I know I’m exactly where I belong. Even when things get tough. No, especially when things get tough it teaches me how to endure, and how to take initiative. How to grow. I am amazed by what God is doing in my life, and how he’s transforming me. The who and the how I live is what he’s repurposing, and he’s showing me how to be a great man. A man of passion, discipline, challenge, and drive. Never giving up, but accepting the areas where I am weak, and learning to grow in them.

Like in the Stairclimb event I didn’t give up. I may not have beaten the firefighter’s time (those guys are amazing btw), but I did go the distance. Not just because I’m a fitness instructor did I feel obligated to go the full distance. I can’t quit because I am glorifying God, and who he’s made, and making me to be. It’s the accomplishment that makes me feel strong, but its proof of what God has allowed me to do, and the strength he gives me. So as I woke up this morning I am not feeling like going back to sleep, and back to my dream reality, but I feel like making my reality how I dream it to be. Changing myself, and changing the world. Call me crazy, but I believe the world can change, and I know I am meant to be part of changing it.

Here’s God open a new chapter in my life. I can’t wait to see what will happen next!



Blessed Pain

Since the beginning of the year my life has been a string of defining moments. Opportunities to redefine the way I live and think. In my choosing to be a better man in the new year it has not been without it’s challenges and need to overcome them very frequently. This Sunday was no exception. Healing service in Church and I was miraculously not healed. Now Friday I look forward to a very exciting medical proceeder due to my disorder (nothing major, just a routinely needed examination of my innards) and over the weekend of healings for many others I had nothing special happen to me at all. Now before you go saying “How does this define you? This just sounds dreadfully boring.” I must explain. Backstory GO!

Since I was very young, about 10, I got really sick with this disorder that is known as Ulcerative Colitis (bleeding of the intestinal track if you care about the details. Usually caused by stress, certain foods, or too much of a strenuous life style). I had it flare up again when I was 13. Again when I was 18. Again when I was 21. And again when I was 23. And truth be told those are the worst occasions when I was in so much pain I could hardly move. I’ve honestly never fully healed. The pain and symptoms are always there to a degree. My bowels never cooperate like they are supposed to. It’s been what I considered a curse for a very long time, but at 23 that was the most important occurrence when I was old enough to realize I had to take responsibility for this. It is something I’ll probably have to deal with the rest of my life and so I began to really put into effect a healthier, stronger, and more faith driven way of life.

Previous to the last incident I got involved at a gym as a fitness instructor (that is a long story for another time) and also into the greatest church ever (seriously, Garden Assembly. Best. Church. Ever. I’d argue that). So between these two walks of life I grew stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually. I developed healthy habits. I developed a faith, and a real trust in God. Also new understandings. I became less stressed (although I stepped into a much more strenuous life style). So many people I’ve heard from who have UC can’t handle stress of any kind, yet for me with God I do the impossible. I teach fitness classes regularly, and am pushed to my limits on a regular basis in a very busy and chaotic life. Now its not 100 percent. Nor am I. I could probably live healthier, less stressed, or less chaotic, but truth me told I deal with life as it comes. All the chaos and all the pain and living still doesn’t defeats me. This pain has inspired my life, and made me stronger in so many ways, and I can’t imagine it’s done doing so.

So back to the present! This past weekend was amazing. People getting miraculously healed. So many people were talking, and saying how they could now do what they thought was impossible, but not me. My gut still hurts. My pain is still there. Now don’t you dare pity me. For this is not a curse on my life. This is a blessing. This is my blessing. Though I might have considered it a curse myself it makes me stronger. It keeps me at the top of my game. It keeps me living healthy and living faithful, because when I do I feel strong even with it. It is a miracle in itself to be doing what I am doing with such a thing present. I am doing the impossible.

For anyone who’s seen the movie Amazing Grace or knows of the historical figure William Wilberforce they would probably know of his efforts and succession in abolishing the slave trade, and his efforts to changing the culture of his time. He also has colitis, but he strived to changed the world anyway. So shall I strive, and so shall I likely be in pain. If that’s not inspiration I don’t know what is. So when I say I wasn’t healed I mean to say I wasn’t healed so I could understand that my pain is what really defines me. It makes my life an inspiration. I can say I’m challenged and I overcome. Though it is painful I would not do without it because it brings glory to God. I have been so blessed in my life. I have been given a perspective and understanding that is unique to the world. And I believe that if I can do the impossible, and live with this pain. Then I can also change the world.

“We are too young to realize that certain things are impossible… So we will do them anyway.”
-William Wilberforce