Ninja Warrior in Training: Week 2

NinjaTrainWeek2At the end of the second week of Ninja Warrior training I’m once again exhausted, but in a way that thrills me. As of last week I learned my weaknesses (read about it here) and now I’ve started to conquer them. Pushing my limits just a little farther. Little steps to start accomplishing bigger steps. This isn’t just about my fitness journey, but my journey through life. When I decided I wanted to do this it was a notion. More of an idea than a real decision, but I wanted to do it, and I made the effort to do so. I’ve had plenty of chances to give up, and still I haven’t. What started out a thought became a practice, and a practice is now becoming a passion, and from a passion to a dedication. Passion is proven by how we act in the effort to achieve.

Ninja Training Swings VideoIt can be overwhelming at times and I feel it too. I see where I need to be, and I realizing where I am, and knowing I’m not there yet. I take this journey one step at a time, enjoying the little feats gained knowing that it takes little feats to reach the bigger feats. I can already see my strength growing. Making swinging leaps from bar to bar was something at first that scared me (click the link on the right to watch). I didn’t know I could do it till I tried. I fell a few times trying, and then I found myself able. Then I started going farther and bigger. It may not seem like be a big thing (but sure was tough), and in truth they weren’t huge leaps, but it’s these small leap that will make the way for bigger ones. I’m training my practice to feel confident and comfortable on the small scale so when I hit the real thing I’m gonna be ready physically and mentally.

There’s been a lot of falls (fortunately not from too high). There’s been cuts and blisters. There’s been pulled muscles and pains. I’ve given so much already, and I know there will be more chance to turn back and give up, but I’m not turning back. I’m not going to give this up. I’m going to keep fighting to be someone stronger. I’m changing here and now. I’m becoming someone a lot more driven and determined. From a boy who thought life was so hard, to realize that it takes effort to achieve anything, and there is a lot to achieve. So much more than just being on Ninja Warrior, and I aim to achieve it all. Train like a champion, live like a hero, and give everything to get where I’m going. So maybe I can’t do everything, but I can give everything I have to be the best I can be, and if I give my best that is enough. I’m putting in the hours and achieving more with each new week. From weakness to little victories, and next I start to take this higher! Time to start cranking up the intensity even more!


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