From my journal yesterday. Had a lot on my mind! Some thoughts to conceptualize and the word on my mind was perspective and this is what I came up with and thought it might be worth sharing!

          Perspective by Daniel Elfers

PerspectiveThumbThe word is perspective. It’s my perspective that will make a difference in my approach and could be the key difference in success and failure.

Perspective is seeing the potential in a failure. Perspective is seeing the alternatives when things go wrong. Perspective is finding a way even when things aren’t going your way.

It’s being upbeat in the moments when most would consider it a lose. Even a defeat is a lesson. Sometimes you need to try try try again or maybe learn that it’s not worth the trouble and better to move along to the next thing.

Just keep moving forward. Keep changing. Keep listening. Keep learning. Take a few breaks. Recharge, but don’t get complacent or lazy. Only enough to get your passions back on track.

Push through the mud and maybe even enjoy getting your hands dirty as you do something challenging, but also rewarding.

Work hard whether physical or mental. It will make you stronger when you always give your best. Also remember accomplishing a hard days work can be it’s own reward!

And most importantly know who you are and remind yourself that you can do it. Nothing is impossible if you have the right attitude and the right perspective.

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