Set in Motion


I don’t know where all this is going, but I know the Lord has a plan and he has set it in motion from the start. He will take me where I’ve never gone before and beyond my imagining. I am not afraid of the future. Nor do I fear the past. I am not going to be held back by fear or doubt.

The things that lay ahead are not certain and are bound to hurt. It’s a part of living to hurt, but it’s how we endure the hurt that will change us. The things that have hurt me fade with time. The people who’ve left the deepest scars don’t even care, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t forgiven them. It also doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten how they hurt me, but in forgiveness I’ve moved on.

I will not let the world consume me with tricks or bribes or pretty things. I have aimed my sights and sails for the distant shores of what people tell me time and time again is impossible, but I choose a no compromise attitude. Though I may stumble. Guaranteed I will get tripped up, because I’m human, but I will always stand up again and continue on.

No matter what happens to me in this world I am exactly where I belong. Pain is temporary for the sake of greater things. What has been torn from my hands, shredding the skin with it may hurt, but my hands will heal. When my heart has been beaten, and I feel I have nothing left that is when I find I have everything.

It’s not everything I wanted, but it’s everything I need. And every let down is a new path that takes me away from a path of destruction. Like being pruned the Lord may prick me, but in an effort to produce the best fruit. I’ve learned through ever challenge and every loss I gain new perspective and new strength. And the things lost may seem so sad at the time, but then as the distance forms I find I’m better off.

I don’t always know why challenges befall me. Some things long past I still don’t know the reason for, but I know I’m on the right path. I trust God with the journey, because he hasn’t let me down. He’s let hardships challenge me and always seen me through. He’s moulded and continues to shape a man with a heart of passion and strength. I can give more than I’ve ever given. I can love others more than I ever could before. I can live more. I can see the vision in my head of world change.

Without all the hardships I would never have become somebody so bold and so caring. I never would have been able to understand the gifts I’ve been given. I would never be able to interpret the dreams and the visions God has given me. I do my part every day little by little. It’s to inspire a class of people, or help just one person, but I won’t stop there. I won’t rest until I’ve changed the world.


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