Point of No Return

PNRthumbHere I am at the point of no return. I’ve come so far. I can’t go back now. I’m on the edge to new uncharted frontiers. What lays ahead is uncertain, but I know it must be great. Not to say it wouldn’t be easy to go back, the choice to turn tail and retreat back to the familiar is still an option, but since when did I choose the easy way. I am not the type of man who looks back (stubborn and proud? Yes… just a lot) and I made a choice long ago that I would press on, so that’s what I’m doing. I made a commitment to God that I would do his will, and that I would follow him. I am taking the initiative and setting the pieces in motion so I can’t look back, I must press forward. The time of for greatness is a stones throw away.

Since the initial choice for all the wrong reasons and a hundred recommitments I can’t go back now. I made this choice to serve God, and it’s not been easy. Fact is it’s brought upon me the hardest choices I’ve ever made. Every day a new obstacle, but every day I rise up, or I stumble momentarily to rise again. Sometimes it feels like two steps forwards and one step back, or I prefer the imagery of one giant leap up a down escalator. It’s kind of hard to gain ground when the ground is moving backwards, but I am trying. Course I am the type of person who would book it up a down escalator, cause why not. It’s a show of challenge conquered, maybe a lame example of challenge conquered, but it’s definitely not the easy way to get to the next level. I can’t help myself in the face of challenges. I step myself right into them knowing perfectly well what I’m doing. I will take the opportunities to get myself into situations that are complete madness just so I can sort myself out of it, cause it makes me stronger. It give me perspective. It breaks me of my usual for something new.

Foolish maybe and I work hard to minimize my foolishness (mostly), but without a challenge, without the stepping forward and falling back I would remain forever at a stand still. I like challenge, yet I dislike the pain of it. I love to overcome, but hate to fail. Unfortunately as I was taught, and have learned through experience the rule to success is fail often to succeed sooner. I may fail many times, but I’m gonna try try try till I succeed. Not to be said that there aren’t foolish endeavors. We all can get stuck on an idea or a quest of our own creation that we chalk up to be so important (I’m number one here frequently), and without reason we pick up our swords at the challenge of a gunslinger. Good luck beating that gunslinger with that sword (have you seen Raiders of the Lost Ark? Doesn’t go so well…) If it’s not of God then of course failure is gonna happen no matter how much we put into it. If it’s not part of my calling then I shouldn’t be trying so hard at something that will inevitably fail. So maybe it’s hard to know the difference. That is where I feel the rule of discernment becomes key, but discernment (and that so called “gut feeling”) topic I’d like to discuss another time.

I look ahead at the path I’m on, and yes I’ve thrown caution to the wind and jumped from the airplane once again. I can’t turn back now, there is no gravity reversals or return ropes to the airplane. The things I have set in motion can’t stop till I touch down. It’s time for me to step up, and start doing what I’ve been talking about for years. It’s time to begin the effort that God has called me to, and move as quick or slow as God desires. In the effort to change the world it’s on his timeline, not mine. What he has laid on my heart is the need to inspire a generation. To change the hearts, and minds of those who would rather be lazy or allow their moral compass to go wrong.

God has called me to be a leader so I am taking the given opportunity to lead a Christian men’s media team. I was gung-ho long ago to do this, but the Godly man and the good leader in me wasn’t ready. What God has set in motion in me is a preparation to serve him and not myself, and to lead in the area I am not only talented, but passionate about. To take men and build them up as a team ready to inspire a new generation with me. God has trained me in the ways I need to lead these brothers, he has given me the skills in which I can help them develop and continue to develop myself with them. He has given me natural talents and patience I will certainly need. Most of all he has opened the doors of opportunity for me to create these men I want with me to change the world, even if they don’t know it yet. The men I’ve chosen for this group are those who I know share the passion as me to be creative and who love God. Together we will bring a different voice to a world that only hears the voices of evil. Together we can preach through our talents and if we change one heart that is enough, but I believe God has chosen us to spread his message to the world.

The things about to happen will reshape the way we view society and they must. No more compromise or lack of values. We must give our best. This is the message I want my brothers to know. We are not a new voice, but one that is very old, we are the surround sound and booming bass for the voice of God. This is what I stand for, and I want others to know that I will never walk away from this path. I will never sell my soul for a few pretty pennies, but I will follow the calling no matter the cost. No matter the outcomes today or tomorrow. I made a choice to serve God, and he has given me a dream to change the world!

Luke 9:62 says “No one who puts his hands to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.” So I shall not look back at what was or could have been, but take hold of my calling and serve the kingdom of God with all my passion to see the dreams I’ve been given made reality!


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