Personal Trainer Bios Vol. 2

Volume 2 of Personal Trainer Video Bios and FAQs for Gold’s Gym Tri-Cities. Volume 2 was a great deal of fun as I started to figure out what I was doing. I started getting a system down that helped me know how to prepare and shoot the interviews and the clips. Even more tomorrow cause I’ve been a busy videographer over the past few months!

Personal Trainer Bios Vol. 1

First round of Personal Trainer Video Bios and FAQs I did for Gold’s Gym Tri-Cities! Volume 1 contains my learning phase as a videographer! They turned out ok. Though this was the time period where I was learning how to control my shoot and learning to roll with whatever. I thought it would be fun to post these now and show the progression of my experience. Volume 2 will be out tomorrow!

Launch Weekend


Come join me and our awesome team for the Les Mills Launch Weekend this Saturday in Kennewick! Below you can also find the Richland schedule! Both of these fliers designed and built by yours truly.


I also put together the Dance Party flier and video (check out below) for the Friday night event (I am likely not going to be dancing fyi, trust me it’s for your benefit). If you live in the Tri-Cities area you should come and support the cause though Friday night. Find out more at the Gold’s Gym website.